HAT ARE COOKIES? A cookie is a small file of letters and figures that is stored in the user's browser when accessing certain web pages. The use of the concept "cookie" in this policy also refers to similar technologies that allow data to be stored and retrieved on a device, for example Local Shared Objects (or Flash Cookies) and Web Beacons (or Bugs). Cookies can be of "session" that will be eliminated at the end of the session with the website, or "persistent" that will remain on your computer for a specified period of time defined by the person responsible for the cookie. Likewise, cookies may be your own when they are managed in the domain accessed by the user to request the service, or from third parties, which will be sent to the user's computer from a domain other than the one they accessed.WHAT KIND OF COOKIES DOES THIS WEBSITE USE? This website stores both its own and third-party cookies with the aim of adapting the contents to your interests and facilitating your navigation. Own Cookies Technical Cookies: They have the objective of controlling traffic and correct communication of data, maintaining the configuration, identify browsing sessions (that the servers recognize, despite going from one page to another, that it is the same browsing session of a user), access parts of restricted access, use security elements during the navigation. Without them, navigation would not be consistent. These cookies are session cookies: They are those that record information about user options allowing the website to be adapted (language preferences, browser through which the service is accessed, regional settings, etc.). These cookies are session and persistent. 

Third-party cookies This website collects statistical information on the user by storing cookies on the visitor's hard drive. To collect said information and submit it to statistical treatment for BBVA, the services of Google Analytics are used; This implies that the collection and storage of the indicated information (hereinafter, the procedures) is carried out by means of "cookies" directly between the user's browser and the Google Analytics server. When the user connects again with this website, the aforementioned server will recognize the number stored in the "cookie", as indicated, providing the anonymous information referred to. The procedures are managed and controlled exclusively by Google Analytics. If you want to know the privacy statement and privacy policies and cookies of Google Analytics, you can do so at this address capable of identifying the user. 

This website uses third-party analysis cookies that store data that can identify the user, such as the IP address of the terminal of the user who makes the visit.However, in the case of cookies on this website, this data is not used to identify the user. They are only stored in an aggregated and anonymous way, with the purpose of carrying out strictly statistical analyzes on the number of visitors and the most visited content, and thus improving the website and increasing the effectiveness of its online presence. If you wish to uninstall this type of cookies on your device, see the section “How can I revoke my consent for the use of cookies? How can I deactivate cookies? ”Likewise, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation by contacting the Post Office 1598, the Customer Service Department or any of the Bank's offices. HOW CAN I REVOKE THE CONSENT FOR THE USE OF COOKIES? HOW CAN I DEACTIVATE COOKIES? The user can at any time revoke the consent for the use of cookies by deactivating or deleting them, through the privacy / security options of their browser. For more information, we recommend that you consult the help that your browser offers you to manage cookies: Internet Explorer ( Mozilla Firefox ( Google Chrome ( ? hl = es) Safari ( If you delete or disable cookies, it is possible that some functions of this website are not available for use or that its operation is not optimal